2018 Annual Investor European Venture Report – by PitchBook

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The 2018 Annual European Venture Report unpacks a year that saw median deal size continue to climb against waning deal count, a lack of €1 billion+ exits despite the year’s keenness for liquidity, and expanding offerings for fund sourcing.
In 2018, European VC saw:

  • €20.5 billion of total deal value across 3,384 deals (a 4.2% YoY increase and a 25.9% YoY decrease, respectively)
  • €47.5 billion of total exit value across 373 exits (a 164.8% YoY increase and a 30.5% YoY decrease, respectively)
  • €8.4 billion of total capital raised across 62 funds (a 0.2% YoY increase and a 23.5% YoY decrease, respectively)