To enable our EBAN investors to find more and better companies to invest in, EBAN helps entrepreneurs develop a solid business model and refine their pitching skills to become investment ready.



Both in the scope of our H2020 EU Funded Projects and during our annual flagship events, we provide a range of opportunities for early stage entrepreneurs. Be it webinars, training workshops, masterclasses, pitching competitions or one-to-one meetings, participating in these initiatives provides unequaled access to investors, startup coaches and support agencies that can help you as a founder scale your business.

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EBAN also has a huge collection of content, such as guidebooks, recorded webinars and other resources on how to develop your startup and present it to Angels.

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As a non-for-profit trade association, EBAN does not provide funding nor directly puts in contact entrepreneurs with investors. We invite you to contact the nearest business angels network in your country for funding requests. You can find your nearest business angels network here:

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