When Venture Building and Angel Investing Meet – Scaling Up European Startups in the US

Ian Sosso, EBAN Board Member and Founder and Managing Partner at Monte Carlo Capital (MCC), discusses the challenges of scaling in the US for European startups and solutions to facilitate this process.

Being an established startup in one European country is not necessarily an indicator of success in the rest of Europe. This is of course due to the different markets in many aspects from the tax code to the language. Thus, scaling in the US is an attractive option for many European startups wanting to expand in new markets.

The cost and risk of such an expansion can be very high and forging the right partnerships from the beginning is vital in order to succeed in the competitive market of the US.

MCC, group of high net worth individuals and family offices investing directly into scaleups in Europe and the US, has created a joint venture with Ikove Capital, whose core business is to build businesses around intellectual property licensed directly from US universities, with the goal of scaling up European startups In the US.

The Joint Venture targets businesses that:

  • are showing commercial traction in at least one European country
  • have a unique know-how / expertise and a competitive edge against all other existing solutions
  • can build to a very minimum of $20M in annual sales within 5 years

Find out more of how MCC and Ikove can help you scale your company in the American market:

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