RAISE-ing to the Occasion for Startups and Angels!

Successful startups aren’t RAISE -d to the top only because of their products or services, but rather due connections, action plans and access to important resources. However, not all early stage startups get so lucky….That’s why EBAN is participating in RAISE , the project that will cover the full spectrum of needs that a seed stage startup may require and be their lighthouse throughout the whole process.

No more winning the startup lottery! Every startup will have an equal chance at success, with access to top-quality information and training, they’ll be given all the possible tools to grow, and finally link all the players in the EU start-up ecosystem under one umbrella to help them scale up. 

RAISE will focus on a 3 steps structure to help companies scale up:

  • Launch a Community of Practice through Creation of An Interconnected Startup Space: 

Establish sustainable and in-depth links between the partners and local or regional, or national ecosystems and launch a community of practice that will contribute to an interconnected space and will facilitate the growth of scale-ups in Europe.

  • Common Action Plan Development Supporting New Startup Business Models:

Design, refine and further develop a common action plan for supporting new startup business models into solid technical and conceptual frameworks at the EU and global level, from the conceptual, technical, financial, societal, and legal points of view.

  • Common Action Plan Highlighting Best Practices/Policies:

Map and promote support activities to startups conducted at the regional level across Europe and mobilise regional efforts to address relevant barriers to startups’ growth, such as harmonisation of policies and regulations, access to talent and to major research infrastructures.

RAISE -ing up startups and promoting a healthy ecosystem as well as productive entrepreneurship perfectly aligns with EBAN’s main goals. By helping the European early-stage sector they’re planning to act in the whole spectrum of startup support and growth, it also allows our business angels to find good investment opportunities. These two interconnected reasons allow us to say that we are facilitating the growth of the early stage sector at pan-european level, and actively contributing to the ecosystem’s flourishment.

About RAISE 

RAISE is a project with the objective of developing a new and sustainable integrated support framework to foster start-up growth and scale-up across Europe in all its dimensions, from initial funding, research support to public incentives and internationalisation. This will result in promoting competitive business models, unconventional collaborations and solutions from all in Europe, and contributing to the establishment of a true EU startup ecosystem, not based on a single city or region, but linking all of them together. RAISE will establish a joint agenda to build an effective collaboration amongst key innovation ecosystem players at the regional, national, and EU level. All of them play a crucial role in the start-ups’ growth lifecycle through upskilling initiatives, research and innovation (R&I) programmes and policies, capacity building, private investment, or access to public funding.


The RAISE project is financed by the European Union through the GRANT AGREEMENT concluded with the European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA), under the powers delegated by the European Commission. Project number: 101070749. More information about the project can be found here: https://theraise.eu/