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Join the leading pan – European association with 100 organisation and association members, from ±50 countries in all of Europe and beyond, and +700M Euros invested each year in our network. We have over 20 years of history in fostering the European angel investment community by empowering business angels with networks, sharing professional standards and best practices, supporting for their startup portfolio, and representing of their interests. Our association welcomes members from all corners of the Europe and beyond, experience/maturity/stage of development.

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Download EBAN’s Articles of Association to find out more about becoming a member.
Important: EBAN membership is renewed automatically every year, unless the secretariat is notified of the members’ withdrawal at least three months before the end of the membership period.

EBAN Membership: Discover its Unique Advantages:

Free Affiliate Membership

Free EBAN Affiliate membership for all angels in your network and colleagues, staff, board members of your organisation.

Collaborate in EU and other Funded Projects

Collaborate in EU and other Funded Projects to drive change in advancing policy reform together with EBAN.

Events, Education & Trainings

Host events such as our Congress in your city or workshops, panel discussions and roundtables at events and EBAN Academy educational programs/webinars.

A Worldwide Network

Connect with BANs, Early Stage Investors, EU, National & International institutions dedicated to innovation, entrepreneurship & venture capital in the EU and the world thanks our network and membership in GBAN.

EBAN's Gala Awards

Win EBAN’s Annual Awards, celebrated each year at our Congress’s Gala Awards Dinner

Nominate individuals to join the EBAN Committees & EBAN Board, and to vote in our General Assembly.

Visibility in the Early Stage Community

Share your opinions your news, events, invitations, reports, videos etc on our website, social media, mailing campaigns, and EBAN TV.

EBAN Offers

Free & Discounted Tickets

Free and discounted tickets to EBAN and partner events

Host a Table at our Annual Gala Dinner with Discounts

Free Subscriptions

Free subscription to EBAN TV and Member Platform

Amazon Web Services

Up to 10K USD credits on Amazon Web Services for your portfolio companies




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EBAN and Partner Events

Membership categories

Business Angel Networks
National or regional, commercial or industry sector networks that foster means of introduction between small / medium sized companies and private investors with market experience (business angels)
Associate Members
Organisations which do not fit in full membership categories (networks, federations, accelerators, early stage funds, crowdfunding platforms) but have evident interest in the business angel industry. Special fee for SMEs (€500/year)
Affiliate Members
Business Angels or Private individuals who have invested or intend to invest in small and medium size businesses. They usually have broad market knowledge and provide both finance and expertise or business skills to the enterprise
Corporate Members
Special category that allows corporations to join the E-Xcelerator®, an EBAN group set up to develop a working alliance between Accelerators and Business Angel Networks across Europe, focusing on engagement and best practice
Early Stage Funds and Seed Funds
Private equity firms or funds investing in emerging startups in the equity gap (€500,000 – €3 million)
Crowdfunding Platforms
Platforms that enable a large number of people to provide money in small increments
Academic Members and Researchers
Professors or researchers interested in entrepreneurship and the early stage ecosystem
Business Accelerators
Highly competitive programs that include full mentorship and culminate in a public pitch event
Business and Startup Incubators
Programs that help startups in their very initial phases to get the optimal conditions to grow
Government Associated Bodies
National, regional or local public or semipublic organisms with support of the public administration
Chambers of Commerce
Local associations that promote the interests of the business community in a particular place.
Network Federations
A number of business angel networks that decide to join and act as a group at some levels
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2x the price of your category
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