Ian Sosso – Facilitating Transfer of Technology in Order to Build Deep Tech Businesses

Ian Sosso, EBAN Board Member and Founder and Managing Partner at Monte Carlo Capital (MCC), shares his insights on the challenges universities face in promoting tech transfer, his process for investing in the “valley of death”, and the risks business angels face.
Difficulties in turning intellectual property developed by universities into commercial application is one of the greatest bottlenecks to the creation of world changing businesses, and ultimately growth and prosperity. It is critical that we all work towards facilitating the transfer of technology.
MCC is a group of high net worth individuals and family offices who are based in several European and Asian countries and invest in Europe and the US.
MCC targets two types of businesses:
1. Deep tech businesses, typically backed by leading scientists, based on technology solving big problems. MCC invests in anything from medical devices to artificial intelligence, robotics, big data and internet of things.
2. MCC seeks highly disruptive businesses that are smarter/better/cheaper than anyone else, this could also be in any traditional tech industry (e.g. fin tech, e-commerce, etc).
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