Hungarian BAN DEMO Day

Hungarian BAN just had their first DEMO day event where 40 attendees, including partner BANs in Croatia and Slovenia, listened to the pitches of 7 companies from a variety of industries.

HBAN Demo Day Teams:

  1. Avatao –  high-quality, hands-on exercises for IT security training. avatao is a spinoff company of CrySyS Lab, well-known for its top-tier research on advanced cyber attacks and for its world top 10 hacker team.
  2. Edukado –  cloud-based content authoring platform for textbook publishers to bring their product offering to the digital era. Founders are alumni of the University of Cambridge and Bain&Co, and exited a boutique educational services firm.
  3. Enikam –  Enikam’s Oxilver product is a part of innovative therapeutic cosmetic line, joining together a medical, pharmaceuticals and modern cosmetology.
  4. Invoice Exchange –  the first organized marketplace for B2B receivables and operates on the same basic principles as other established financial exchanges worldwide.
  5. Drunk2Drive –  allows people to hire a driver who takes them and their car home safe, e.g. when they drink alcohol and do not want to drive.
  6. Torus Awards –  Torus Awards™ is the annual awards ceremony for the Share for Help™ campaign. The Share for Help™ platform is a video-sharing source much like YouTube™, Vimeo™ and Vine™ except, exclusively for altruistic content.
  7. Csupor – Csupor was the first craft beer brand from Hungary winning gold medals in international beer competitions. Distributors and pubs are begging for their fabulous beer from all around the world, so they have to invest in manufacturing capacity.

Read more about the event from the Hungarian BAN press release and look at the photos.