Happy Birthday to Sophia Business Angels and EstBAN!

This year, two EBAN members celebrated significant anniversaries: Sophia Business Angels turned 20 and the Estonian Business Angels Network turned 10! They commemorated the occasions with the Grand SBA 20th Anniversary Celebration and the EstBAN10 Angel Summit, respectively. Let us wish them a happy birthday: 

SBA is and has always been a leader in cross-border investing. They have helped to establish and train a number of BANs, including MDBAN, Med Angels (Mediterranean Angel Investors), DAMYA- Women Business Angels Network Tunisia, Galata Business Angels, and many others. They have fostered and are leveraging their highly international community, which has members from 20 different nations, cultures, and backgrounds. We can only applaud the founders and board members of SBA for their commitment to developing angel investing and expanding the network supporting exceptional entrepreneurs. Stay tuned to learn more about their future plans as they further assist the ecosystem expand. Here’s to Sophia Business Angels’ next 20 years!

As a result of EstBAN’s strong international connections with nearby and other worldwide networks, it has access to more dealflow outside of Estonia and more co-investors with whom to share transactions. This makes it both globally minded and connected. EstBAN is also characterised by a spirit of cooperation, which is demonstrated by investors and founders alike. They support one another, share information and contacts. Angel investors who are eager to syndicate agreements with later-stage investors and internet platforms. All of this is possible thanks to the commitment that the EstBAN board and team are demonstrating.- their board is very involved and committed to the expansion of angel investment in the country. The teams and CEOs are also dedicated and tirelessly move the company ahead.


Happy birthday to both and best wishes for many more years with success and exits!