GBAN Fosters Cross Border Investment During Annual Meeting


The 2019 GBAN Annual Meeting in Manama, Bahrain featured angels with cross border investment expertise who led interactive workshops in conjunction with the Global Entrepreneurship Congress.
Launched in 2015, GBAN is a network of more than 80 angel investor networks active in more than 60 countries on five continents.  As part of the Global Entrepreneurship Network, GBAN members have the opportunity to interface with entrepreneurs, policymakers, and leading entrepreneurial support organizations.
In addition to cross border investment, members heard expert presentations on innovative public policy practices proven to increase early stage investments, how women investors are changing the angel field, and other new areas of angel investing, including in the space sector through GEN Space.
Expert members presenting included:
– Padmaja Ruparel, GBAN Co-Chair, Indian Angel Network
– Tomi Davies, GBAN Co-Chair, African Business Angels Network
– Baybars Altuntas, GBAN Co-Chair, European Business Angel Network
– Peter Adams, Angel Capital Association, United States
– Nawaf Alkooheji, CEO, Tenmou, Bahraini Business Angels Company
– Paulo Andrez, EBAN President Emeritus, Portugal
– Phil Auerswald, GEN eXponential
– Sandi Gilbert, National Angel Capital Organisation, Canada
– Arvind Gupta, CEO MyGov, Ministry of Electronics &IT (MeitY), India
– Rebeca Hwang, Managing Partner, Rivet Ventures, United States
– Stephan Reckie, Angel Investor & Executive Director, GEN Space
– Raman Roy, Co-founder, IAN Indian Angel Network
Also present at the GBAN Annual Meeting was Albert Colomer, EBAN Board Member, Director of Business Angels Network Catalunya and representative for GEN Spain.

EBAN Vice President – Baybars Altuntas

EBAN Vice President Baybars Altuntas commented:”It is rewarding to see that GBAN members and policy makers joining the annual meeting in Bahrain from around the world that understand the importance of angel investment for boosting their economies. We all agreed with and supported angels’ position in terms of converting public money to ‘smart money’, that is, cash that is invested by parties who are experienced, well-informed, and well connected. Many governments, particularly in Europe, offer generous tax incentives for angel investors. The UK and Turkey have already passed angel investment legislation to support such a system. On the other hand, a number of Middle Eastern countries like Bahrain, have discovered the angel investment system and are keen to pursue it because, among other key reasons, It is 100% compatible with Islamic investment principles. In fact, the Islamic Development Bank included angel investment on the list of recommendations proposed for consideration at its annual conference in Jakarta, in May 2016. I believe that by working together across borders, with a common vision, and with these smart dynamics in mind, we are well placed to bring about positive change in the global economy.”
The 2019 GBAN Annual Meeting was a singular opportunity for members to share and learn about the latest achievements of the angel networks, and to make enduring international connections and develop new collaborative partnerships.
About GBAN
GBAN is an inclusive global community of early-stage investor networks seeking to increase access to early stage capital by developing angel investor capacity in entrepreneurship ecosystems.  Directed by leading angel investor networks from around the world, GBAN mentors new national investor networks, provides training and support to improve investor capacity, amplifies the angel “voice” to policy dialogue, and advances initiatives aimed at removing barriers to investors and facilitating cross-border investing.
GBAN works to increase the number of angel investors worldwide and expand geographic investment arenas beyond local markets.

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