Zaz Ventures is Helping SMEs Win European Innovation Grants with No-Win-No-Pay Proposals

In March 2019, 68 small and medium-sized enterprises from 19 countries were selected for funding under the latest round of the European Innovation Council (EIC) SME instrument strand. The selected companies will receive a total amount of €120M, of which 10 % is going to companies supported by Zaz Ventures.

This remarkable result demonstrates the value of their grant proposal writing model, whereby they support SMEs at their own cost and risk (no-win-no-pay) after a thorough due diligence and selection process.

What’s next on the horizon?

The European Commission has just unveiled its plans for the next framework programme, Horizon Europe, targeting high risk, breakthrough innovation. The SME innovation funding programme (previously known as SME instrument) has been renamed EIC Accelerator and will undergo significant changes:

– The phase 1 programme (€50k grants for market feasibility research) will be discontinued after September 2019.

– The phase 2 programme will increase support for deeptech market-creating innovations, by combining grant funding (up to €2.5M) with equity funding of (up to €15M), starting in October 2019.

With these changes, the EIC is shaping up to become the main funding source for European deeptech innovation, with €2.7Bn budgeted for 2018-2020 and €10Bn proposed for 2021-2027.

Zaz Ventures is a consultancy providing innovation grant proposal writing services across a variety of domains (ICT, security, transportation, space, energy, cleantech, manufacturing, health, biotech, agtech). They work exclusively on a no-win-no-pay basis. They have raised over 175M Euros of funding for our clients since 2014.

The next EIC Cut-off date is June 5th 2019, contact ZAZ Ventures if you require support in a grant proposal writing model!