UBS Report on How Women Can Best Protect and Grow Their Wealth

To understand the female wealth gap, UBS looks at key factors that affect women’s wealth compared to men’s, and how events in their lives and attitudes toward investing can shape their finances. They then show how women can take steps to protect and grow their wealth.

How much of a gap do gender differences create in women’s finances? Can this gap be mitigated by making the right investment decisions?

Factors like pay discrepancy, career break, work flexibility, longer life expectancy, and attitude towards risk – all can add up to women having less money to invest and grow, losing their wealth over time and, ultimately, not meeting their financial goals.

The good news is, women are generally more disciplined investors than men, and if they were to invest with an appropriate strategy it could help them bridge the gap and meet their objectives.

UBS uses a representative “Jane” to explain their analysis.

Illustrating the female wealth gap through a representative Jane

They consider an illustrative “Jane” and “Joe” and model their financial outcomes based on some common male and female circumstances. The example shows that compared to Joe, Jane’s circumstances, financial confidence, and attitude to investing can actually make it harder for her to achieve her financial goals. In the model, Jane and Joe are each 25, single, have recently started work and want to:

  • preserve and grow their inheritance of USD 1 million for the next generation
  • buy a house at the age of 35
  • enjoy a decent lifestyle during retirement


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