The World’s Super Angels Gather Again in Marbella, Spain

The second edition of the Global Super Angel Summit took place on May 20-21 at a stunning seaside venue in Hotel Puente Romano in Marbella, Spain. EBAN partnered again with the Global Super Angels Club, founded by EBAN members Andreas Mihalovits (President, Marbella Tech Angels) and Anna Longoni (EBAN Malaga Director), for the
event, held in partnership with the GP Bullhound Summit, Big Sur Ventures, Ascari and World Aviation.
GSAC is a group of active Angel Investors having invested at least 7-figure amounts in startups, their portfolio normally includes +20 startup investments. The Super Angels of this group are willing to exchange their deal flow with other international Super Angels and are also open to create or participate in cross-border syndicates.

This year’s Summit brought together 30 Super Angels from around the world, including many of EBAN’s members and members’ members, as well as +20 high profile investors from the GP Bullhound network.

The Summit presents an important place of gathering for Super Angels, whose influence on how the early stage ecosystem develops can not be underestimated, as they can fund more startups with higher amounts of investment than other angel investors.

The theme of the Summit was SPEEDING UP CROSS-BORDER INVESTMENTS IN STARTUPS. The inspirational speech to kick off the Summit was given by Candace Johnson, EBAN President Emeritus. The excellent speakers included, among others, Mike CegelskiPanache International,  and Fábio PóvoaSmartmoney Ventures, who discussed Promoting Cross Border investments and investing in the Americas outside of America. David Assia, iAngels, and Peter Jungen, EBAN President Emeritus, discussed the future of angel investing including a view of the Israeli high tech ecosystem. Andreas Mihalovits (EBAN Best European Early Stage Investor Award Winner 2018), Kim Väisänen0, Evli Growth Partners, Angelo Dalli, 111 Holdings, Rein Lemberpuu, EstBAN President Emeritus, Olga Finkel, 111 Holdings and Tom Horsey, Connected Mobility Hub, shared their best practices in investing as a Super Angel.

EBAN 20 years’ anniversary was also celebrated during the event with the presence of the EBAN President Peter Cowley and President Emeriti Candace Jonson and Peter Jungen, who discussed the evolution of Angel Investing in the last 20 years.

Angel Funds to support building out a Super Angel sized portfolio was discussed by Vitaly Polekhin, National Business Angels Association, Andrew J. Scott, 7percent Ventures and Jose Miguel Herrero, Big Sur Ventures. Yuri Navarro, Panache International,  moderated several of the interesting panel discussions. Oscar Farres, EIF presented the pan-European compartment of the European Angels Fund during the Summit. Angelo Dalli gave out an interesting workshop on AI disruption and navigating the investment landscape. Rein Lemberpuu and Mihkel Trei presented StartupIncluder tool that is used by the Global Super Angels club for deal sharing. The Global Super Angels Summit guests also had the opportunity to join the GP Bullhound annual investor meeting.