The Invested Investor: Invest with More than Just Money


Peter Cowley moderating the CEE panel at Infoshare 2018


Inspired by Peter Cowley, former UKBAA Angel of the Year, The Invested Investor mission is to improve the journeys of start-ups by educating angels and entrepreneurs to make fewer mistakes, work better together and produce more successful exits. They want to empower angels to invest their time, emotion and experience into start-ups, and help entrepreneurs with how they should start to talk to investors and then build an open and trusting relationship with them. Run by Peter’s son Alan, the project’s underlying message is that more honesty and transparency between investors and entrepreneurs will lead to more successful start-ups. They have a series of podcasts on their website, and a first book being released in October this year.
The Invested Investor’s first book is written by Peter Cowley, with help from many of the UK and Europe’s top angel investors and entrepreneurs. The book combines Peter’s own experience as a serial entrepreneur and seasoned angel investor with the experience and expertise of a number of professionals within the start-up industry. Written as a readable reference book, it will follow the business journey. Starting when a funder meets a founder, all the way until an exit or failure. Honesty and openness drive the book forward, with stories from Peter, Andy Phillipps, co-founder of Active Hotels that became, Katy Tuncer, Ready Steady Mums elegant failure, Jonathan Milner, co-founder of Abcam and prominent international angel investor, and many more.

What are the attributes of an invested investor?

  1. They’re comfortable with risk.
  2. They have money they’re willing to lose.
  3. They are willing to work hard to help entrepreneurs launch and grow their ventures.
  4. ……..(found out more top tips in the book)

Alan Cowley (left) and Peter Cowley (Right)

With the book coming, and regular podcasts, articles and videos already available, it is a great place to find top tips, advice, and lessons learned from decades of experience in angel investing and entrepreneurship. If you’d like to get involved, please subscribe to their regular free content on their website and on all major podcast channels.
The Invested Investor book will be available for pre-order in the middle of June from their website. There will be the opportunity to have a signed copy ahead of its release, and complimentary extras.