TECNALIA Ventures Guest Editorial

TECNALIA Ventures focuses on the creation of a venture building ecosystem in order to help TECNALIA transfer its technology to the market. TECNALIA Ventures connects the three fundamental pillars of any innovation ecosystem: minds, management and money.

MINDS: People / organizations focused on the generation of technology-based ideas that solve P&L problems to the industry.

MANAGEMENT: People with an entrepreneurial profile / business vision capable of transferring the technology developed by the minds to the market, thus generating real business opportunities. These are profiles to which the value proposition of transforming a technological spin-off into a growing SME is attractive to them.

MONEY: Smart investors that not only provide the necessary financial muscle to transform technologies into revenues but are also committed to supporting the development of the company.

Therefore, TECNALIA Ventures offers services such as: acceleration programs, entrepreneurs’ club, technology transfer training programs, support for business diversification, set up of proof-of-concept funds, etc.

TECNALIA Ventures aims to turn innovative technological assets into new profitable and sustainable businesses.

TECNALIA Ventures does all this by identifying technologically disruptive solutions, exposing them from early stages of development to investment criteria and focusing the efforts on the business opportunities with highest commercialization potential.

The investment criteria are the following:

  • Resolution of a relevant P&L problem by the means of a differential technological value proposition.
  • Competitive advantage based on an industrial/intellectual property.
  • Skin in the game team that combines technological but mainly commercial skills (execution and traction)
  • Potential impact in terms of creating new industrial tissue, thus generating jobs and GDP.

Since its inception in 2013, TECNALIA Ventures have established themselves as a key tool for enhancing R&D. As of the 31st of December of 2016, TECNALIA Ventures have promoted 22 active companies and we have a portfolio of 13 investments, which accumulate 33.5 million euros in turnover and generate 267 jobs.

Asier Rufino, CEO of TECNALIA Ventures, holds an MBA with a major in Entrepreneurship and Private Equity from the London Business School – MIT Sloan, plus a degree in Business Administration from the University of the Basque Country, Spain (Erasmus at Reims, France). He spent 13 years working internationally in: Ireland, France, United Kingdom, USA and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) always linked to corporate strategy and innovation in organizations such as BNP Paribas, Eli Lilly, Dubai Health Authority, the Parthenon Group or Accenture but also linked to early stage start-ups and investors in different countries.

In 2015, TECNALIA sold to GAMESA its stake in NEM Solutions company which was founded in a corporate entrepreneurship setting with CAF and that had reached when it was sold a turnover of 4.2M € employing 41 people. This is a tangible example of how TECNALIA and TECNALIA Ventures managed successfully the entire lifecycle of the technological asset from being a technology all the way to the GDP impact.

NEM Solutions, is a technology-based company focusing on the intelligent maintenance of complex systems. It provides innovation, creativity and efficiency to the field of maintenance, resulting in a competitive product that provides companies a bridge between their daily work and technology and research. In this Way, it allows an interaction full of information and knowledge between the maintainer and the machine, thanks to thanks to the incorporation of state-of-the-art engineering technology maintenance, with the aim of facilitating and optimizing the activity and profitability.

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