Space Manifesto – Space Entrepreneurship is Europe’s Destiny

Europe stands at the door of its destiny as the leader of entrepreneurship in space.

Europe was a pioneer in commercial space, both for satellites (SES) and launchers (Arianespace). Now that the space market is becoming a new frontier to answer universal human needs (communication, information, resources, etc.), Europe needs to be at the forefront of these new market opportunities.

From digital natives, Europe’s next generation of entrepreneurs will become “space natives”, with a deep understanding of the potential of the space market and the roles that European innovators can play in driving this new industry forward.

Space entrepreneurship presents a golden opportunity for all stakeholders – for European technology companies, start-ups, investors and research institutions – to kick start a new space based industry and to create jobs and growth for Europe’s struggling economies.

To realize this vision of space leadership, we must:

•    Create an environment in Europe which promotes space entrepreneurship in all of its forms, from research funding, to unified and simple regulation, to public private partnerships and equity funding of space related start-ups;

•    Identify the potential barriers to entry into the space market and work together to resolve them;

•    Recognize the potential of space innovation and entrepreneurship and promote it as part of Europe’s plan for economic and social development into the 21st century;

We, the undersigned, commit to working together to help the next generation of space entrepreneurs create a European commercial space industry for the benefit of current and future generations.