• Hedda Pahlson-Moller

    Hedda Pahlson-Moller is a full-time Business Angel focused on impact investing at the seed capital stage through OMSINT (Omnisource International). She sits on the boards of the European Business Angel Network (EBAN), the Luxembourg Business Angel Network (LBAN) and Chameleon Invest, a venture capital fund. Ms. Pahlson-Moller is adjunct professor of Entrepreneurship at Sacred Heart University's Jack Welch College of Business for Executive MBAs.

    She is currently active in building a co-working space and community for entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs called 'the Impactory', based in Luxembourg.

    Hedda has an MBA from Copenhagen Business School, an M.A. in Political Economics from Lund University and an undergraduate degree from Brown University. She is also currently enrolled at Nyenrode University's executive PhD programme.

    Riccardo Aimerito

    Riccardo Aimerito is a Board Member and General Manager of a Fashion Company. Within EMEA investing (ERA Kapital) and advising (ERA) from an industrial and financial, business, legal and structuring/organizational viewpoint on different and wide areas of business, cross-borders expansion and internationalization. Assisting also in designing the governance and management team.

    Riccardo is also a business angel investor and formar lecturer of the course Deal Making Process and Structuring Private Equity and Venture Capital Deals.

    Geography and studies include graduate, post-graduate and Executive MBA - also with professional experiences in London, Milan, Paris, The Hague, Moscow and Chicago.

    Professor Jay Mitra

    Jay Mitra is the Professor of Business Enterprise and Innovation, Director of The MBA and Executive Programmes, and the Director of the International Centre for Entrepreneurship Research at Essex Business School, University of Essex. Professor Mitra has acted as a Scientific Adviser to the OECD as the Head of the Scientific Committee on Entrepreneurship for the OECD’s Centre for Entrepreneurship and the LEED (Local Economic and Employment) Programme at its Trento Centre and in Paris. He is a Visiting Professor at the Institute of Management Technology in India and has held similar positions at the School of Management, Fudan University, and the School of Public Policy at Jilin University, both in China. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in the UK.

    Jay Mitra also leads the International Entrepreneurship Forum, a unique network and forum for researchers, policy makers and business practitioners working on entrepreneurship, innovation and regional development issues. He was a Board member of the International Council of Small Business from 2011-12 and, previously, a Board member of the International Association of Science Parks.

    His particular interests are in the areas of: (1) New Venture Creation, (2) Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, (3) Innovation Management; (4) Internationalisation and Entrepreneurship; and (5) Cross-Cultural Networks and Business Dynamics. His work covers the interest of corporates, SMEs, social enterprises, governments and public sector agencies across Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

    Mike Mompi

    Mike works with entrepreneurs, angel investors, and early-stage VCs as Director of Early Stage Investment at ClearlySo.

    ClearlySo is the UK’s leading Corporate Finance Advisory firm working with business that have a positive impact on society and the environment, and helps them to secure investment capital. Within this, Mike is responsible for ClearlySo’s network of individual investors, which includes the Clearly Social Angels, the UK’s largest and most active network of angels investing with an impact.

    Mike led the UKBAA Social Impact Investment Deal of the Year in 2013 and also helps catalyse risk capital into the impact investment sector by managing the investment component of the Big Venture Challenge.

    Previously, Mike was Head of Innovation at MyBnk where he leveraged technology and strategic partnerships to have an impact. He co-founded MakeSense UK, where he now sits on the Board and also sits on the Board of the University of California Trust UK. Having reconciled his international experiences as an entrepreneur and equity analyst with his passion for people social change, Mike thrives as a catalyst in the early-stage impact investment space.

    Ferhan Cook

    Ferhan Cook is the co-founder of London-based m-Spark.org, a start-up accelerator and business advisory. Cook is also a founding member of Galata Business Angels, Turkey’s first angel network, for the past 4 years.

    Ferhan co-led the first Digital Revolution, as part of Apple’s pioneering teams from early 80's and 90's. She spent 11 years at Apple, responsible for launching Apple’s first digital media platforms in the European and Pacific regions, leading an international marketing team. Ferhan also has also taken an active part in the Mobile revolution doing business development consulting, organizing, mobile awards and conferences and co-publishing a mobile marketing newsletter(www.mobiadnews.com). In 2012, and 2013 respectively, Ferhan organized the mobile focussed TEDx SilkRoad Conference and an innovation forum called Mobile Horizons, in Istanbul in Turkey.

    Ferhan is a Jury member in prestigious industry awards such as the GSMA Awards, MIT Innovators Under 35, and Intel Challenge. Ferhan is supporting the Impact Investing ecosystems by mentoring social tech start-ups and getting them prepared for investors and product launches. She serves as a strategy advisor/mentor for selected Ashoka Social Innovation Fellows. m-Spark is also a strategic advisor to Intel’s Social Start Up competition Intel Cozum Kumbarasi(The Solution Box).

    Florence Korhonen

    Florence Korhonen is an entrepreneur and angel investor. She is a member of the Finnish Business Angels Network(FIBAN), and is the chairperson of the recently established Nordic Female Business Angels Network(NFBAN).

    Florence Korhonen started her career in business as an entrepreneur of Medical Assistive Devices in Helsinki, which she operated for 6 years.

    She is currently the CEO at Miraflo Ventures Ltd, an investment company based in Finland that passionately believes that its Angel investor role is not simply one of financial investment but must have a social and/or environmental return. She knows that Impact Investing for balanced economic and social prosperity is the way of the future and energetically promotes this notion both among investors in her network and system sector decision makers whose cooperation is critical.

    Her own investment portfolio presently focuses on Impact Investing in seed and early stage startups and in support of capable female entrepreneurs, to whom she often offers a co-working space at Miraflo Invest in downtown Helsinki. She is also a visiting investor coach at the AppCampus.

  • Martijn Blom

    Martijn Blom is social entrepreneur and informal investor. Co-founder of De Investeerdersclub and co-author of the ‘handboek informal investment’ (in Dutch) that was released in 2012.

    Together with his business partner he participates in several successful social impact ventures. Most striking being Nazava Waterfilters in Indonesia, serving bottom of the pyramid, growing at fast rate and recently being awarded a prestigious Tech Award in Silicon Valley. He is currently advising on the setup of a Social Impact Fund and indirectly involved with the introduction of Ashoka to the Netherlands.

    Martijn is a popular speaker and writer on the themes of impact investment en informal investment in general. With the De Investeerdersclub he has been involved as active partner at several organizations and contests, like “Growing SME’s”, “Village Capital”, “Make it happen” and “Get in the Ring”.

    Cécile Sevrain

    Cécile Sevrain is an International Tax Manager working in Deloitte’s Luxembourg office for more than 5 years. Eager for a career switch, she’s also the Community Manager of LBAN - Luxembourg Business Angel Network.

    She is notably interested by microfinance projects and impact investing. Cécile is currently volunteering at 1,2,3 go social where she coaches social entrepreneurs. Cécile also had the opportunity to volunteer for 6 months at the Food Bank of NYC.

    Cécile holds a master degree in business and tax law from Lyon University (France) and speaks English and French.

    David Drake

    David Drake is an early-stage equity expert and the founder and chairman of LDJ Capital, a New York City-based family office, and The Soho Loft Group - Media for Impact Investors - a global financial media company with divisions in Corporate Communications, Publications and Conferences.

    David has been involved in technology, media and telecom (TMT) and impact investments for more than 20 years. He is an advocate of innovative investing in early-stage equity, capital formation policies and developments globally, and the US JOBS Act which he lobbied for both in Congress and the EU Commission. Because of his leading work in this space, he was a US Commerce Department delegate to the EU Commission in Brussels and Rome in July 2012 and was invited in May 2013 to the White House Champions of Change ceremony in Washington, D.C.

    Born in Sweden and fluent in six languages, Mr. Drake has an MBA in Finance and an MA in International Law and Economics from George Washington University, where he was awarded the Wallenberg Scholarship for academic merit.

    Pieter M. Oostlander

    Pieter Oostlander is founding partner of shærpa. His professional background is in accountancy and finance. In that field, he has had various top-level functions, including the position of Group CFO for international organizations.

    Nine years ago, he switched to the philanthropy sector. As a director of Noaber Foundation he managed the service organization, which ultimately was the foundation for shærpa. The decision to switch resulted from his ambition to make social impact and value creation (in addition to creating shareholder value) a significant part of his professional activities. The objective of these professionally structured activities is to realise positive changes for the wicked problems in society.

    He often states that his ambition is to “merry the soul of philanthropy with the spirit of venturing”, and his work with shærpa is dedicated to doing exactly that on a daily basis. As a chairman of the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA), he actively pursues to further professionalize venture philanthropy and social investing in the European arena.

    Pieter is also a member of the board of directors of SROI Network, promoting the use of a systematic approach to social value accounting.

    Alison Fort

    Alison brings over a decade of experience in corporate finance and social finance. Alison joined Toniic after having led business development at the Social Stock Exchange in London. Alison was part of the team that launched the Social Stock Exchange in 2013 and was responsible for corporate member acquisition and relationship management. She developed the SSE community of investors; working with institutions, family offices, private banks and the retail investor.

    Throughout her career Alison has worked across multiple industries and geographies with companies of all sizes and stages of development. Alison started her career in the Corporate Advisory team at Deutsche Bank and prior to joining the Social Stock Exchange, she was one of the founders of Four Elements Capital a corporate finance advisory business working with entrepreneurs in environmental and social impact sectors. Previous roles include consulting to boutique investment banks, sitting on the Board of a healthcare services startup and leading the UK roll-out of a Swedish investor relations business.

    Marijn Bergsma

    Marijn Bergsma is Investor Matchmaker at BiD Network; an Amsterdam based organization that supports emerging market entrepreneurs in getting access to finance. At BiD Network, Marijn is responsible for co-managing the investor network and he has been involved in the creation of a Fund for Somali entrepreneurs and the hosting of Africa's regional finals of the Get in the Ring competition. Previously Marijn started an advisory business providing catalytic solutions for SME financiers, notably developing a credit scoring tool for a large East African Bank and creating loan products specifically targeted at SME entrepreneurs. Together with his wife Eva he invested in a Tanzanian business, firsthand experiencing the impact of providing developing market entrepreneurs with access to capital. Marijn studied entrepreneurship at the University of Amsterdam and International Business Economics at the University of Maastricht and the Auckland University of Technology. He has worked and studied on five different continents and especially developed extensive experience across Africa.

Dublin Conference Presentations
Thanks to the great work of Yvette Go from Shaerpa and the EVPA, the EIIC can now provide you with their presentations done at the Dublin Conference the 20th of May 2014!
Social / Impact Investing in Europe Presentation | EVPA Presentation

With the aim to unlock social or environmental challenges while generating financial profit, Impact Investing represents a growing market of new investment opportunities.

EBAN’s Impact Investment Committee (“EIIC”) has been created to:

– develop infrastructure for internal and external communication on the subject of Impact Investing;

– create synergies and collaborative efforts to define best practice and improvements for EBAN members interested in this field;

– develop a bridge between EBAN members and the Impact Investing Community, contributing input and research to the overall field;

– establish a constant dialogue with policy makers relevant to the impact investing industry;

– become leaders in the impact investing space in Europe.

The EIIC, ambassadors of Impact Investing within EBAN, aims to pave the way to setting impact investing as the new standard of excellence.

To that end 3 working groups have been created:

DRUM-BEATING – to bring awareness of impact investing into the EBAN membership + BEST PRACTICE to facilitate impact investment within EBAN and enable cross-member collaboration;

INTERFACES to build paths and partnerships between EBAN/EBAN community and other players in the impact investment space;

RESEARCH agenda to gather and build statistics & metrics of impact investment deals within EBAN community, surveys, articles and publications.

Thanks to the support of the outstanding panel of members of the EIIC, we believe that Impact Investing is a major opportunity all Business Angels and the Seed Investment Ecoystem should be aware and contribute to.

We warmly welcome new members to our group – please feel free to contact us at  info@eban.org.


NOTE: EBAN working committees are working bodies aimed at extending EBAN’s output capacity by building on the knowledge and expertise of its members. Working committees work towards objectives and goals identified by the EBAN community and selected by the Executive Committee. The committee is expected to work independently (setting its own meetings and calls) towards the goal set while keeping a regular flow of communication with a contact point in EBAN administration.

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