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The E-Xcelerator® is an EBAN group set up to develop a working alliance between Accelerators and Business Angel Networks across Europe, focusing on engagement and best practice.

Accelerator founders and corporate investors seek the finest well-connected business angels to mentor and invest. Our members running Business Angel Networks and Funds seek the finest and best prepared growth companies. Corporations come together with high net-worth individuals to identify innovative businesses and technologies and foster the growth of a new generation of entrepreneurs.

At the last EBAN Annual Congress in March 2015, for example, the E-Xcelerator® ran a European Demo Day, selecting 25 of the top companies from EBAN Accelerator Members to pitch and interact with top European Business Angels, Networks and Funds with proven track records in deals and exits.

Participation in the E-Xcelerator allows corporate partners and business angels to hone in on specific startups that interest them the most through partnerships with accelerators. Take a look at our E-Xcelerator members below!

For more information about the E-Xcelerator and membership application, contact us at info@eban.org.


Accelerator Members

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e-Xcelerator Committee

  • Daniel Tomov

    Daniel is founding partner at Eleven Accelerator Venture Fund, and an active investor in some of the most promising and exciting tech startups in Europe.

    He has been instrumental in attracting Google and Springbaord on board. He pioneered seed funding in IT in Bulgaria and was last seen as the founder of a successful renewable energy startup.

    Daniel has been involved in startups since 2000 as an early stage investor and funded (in some cases bootstrapping) entrepreneurs in very diverse domains.

    Michael O'Connor

    Michael O’Connor is the CEO of CorkBIC, a private­sector led organisation, specifically set up to identify and build knowledge intensive companies based on promising technology usually involving international growth.

    Michael provides an integrated process for incubating and growing high potential technology driven companies. Previous experience was manufacturing and sales start ups with Raychem Corporation before co­founding Intepro, a venture capital backed Irish IT startup.

  • Alexandra Choli

    Alexandra is Metavallon’s founder and executive director. Prior to Metavallon, she worked in operations, management, business development at several early­stage & small­ to medium­sized businesses, both for­profit and non­profit, in Greece, UK, United States, Nicaragua and India.

    Alexandra holds a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from University College London and a Master of Business Administration from New York University Stern School of Business, where she specialized in entrepreneurship, social innovation, and strategy.