Induco Guest Editorial

Induco Ltd, Finnish consultancy company is committed to assisting cities, municipalities and regions in their drive to become more economical, sustainable and attractive. As Induco’s latest initiative, it is now promoting Resource Wisdom, a scalable operating model for regions to create vitality, business competitiveness, employment and sustainable wellbeing from a circular and carbon-neutral economy.

Induco’s Resource Wisdom Concept helps public sector decision makers in formulating and executing their investment programs.

This model has been publicly developed in Finland for sustainable regional development, and it has been implemented in cities across the country. Together with its Finnish pool of Resource Wisdom experts from all sectors, Induco is ready to make this model international, especially in the developing parts of the world that need the expertise to develop sustainably.

The unique part of the model is that it incorporates technical and social aspects into the planning and monitoring of the model implementation. It will also consider stakeholder and even individual citizens’ interests as it is planned cooperatively with local citizens and their organizations.


Why Resource Wisdom Matters

Area Benefits Examples Indicators
Cost savings and self sufficiency


– Increased efficiencies across sectors
– Local energy production potentials- Circular economy potentials
– Waste into fuel
– Increased local food production
– Sharing of resources- Efficiencies in logistics- Life cycle cost analyses
– Return on investment calculations

– Straight savings

– Balance of trade

Regional vitality and business opportunities


– New models of operation create local business opportunities
– Development of internal business cooperation
– Extra income from industrial and municipal side streams
– Forming business alliances around sustainability- Creating service industry companies and jobs
– Added value in €

– New jobs generated
– New businesses generated

– Satisfaction of doing business

Environmental impacts


– Decreased CO2E emissions
– Less waste- Water management
– Improved air quality
– Renewable energy production
– Less food waste
– Decreased water consumption- Life cycle analyses
– CO2E emissions

– Air quality

– Water quality and consumption

– % of energy from renewable sources

Stakeholder identification and involvement


– Identification of relevant stakeholders for regional development

– Stakeholder dedication facilitation and cooperation planning

– Communication strategies

– Stakeholder management strategies

– Facilitated workshops for idea generation and action planning

– Actively engaging stakeholders in public decision making

– Number of stakeholders involved in Resource Wisdom project implementation

Public cooperation and well-being


– Interactive platforms for public feedback
– Fast prototyping of sustainability ideas
– Assessments of public social well-being
– Idea generation competitions

– Public involvement & empowerment in projects

– Events


– Ideas generated by public

– Participation number in events

– Public acceptance towards sustainability actions

– Wellbeing surveys and public satisfaction

Jyväskylä, Finland was the first city to implement Resource Wisdom as its operational model. The implementation was a success and independent assessors have estimated the model to bring significant economic and environmental benefits to the region. As sign of confidence for the model, seven other cities in Finland have now implemented this model.

Independent estimations, case Jyväskylä, Finland

In order to expand Resource Wisdom internationally, we are now looking for global partners from:

– Social purpose corporations / companies

– Responsible Investors looking for ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) proof investments

– International development organizations and agencies

– Governmental, regional and municipal developers

  Otso Tolonen, Sustainability Specialist with Induco and with the University of Jyväskylä, Finland is committed to spreading the word of Resource Wisdom to developing regions in the world to create economic opportunities that are sustainable. In his work with Resource Wisdom, he has developed concepts how Resource Wisdom can be scaled and implemented in different parts of the world and he has gathered a pool of expertise from Finland that can support different projects. His current work at the University of Jyväskylä is to find ways how public-private partnerships can be harnessed for sustainable development work internationally.

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