HighTech Startbahn Guest Editorial

If in these days, a young business wants to enter the market successfully or grow and expand its activities, primarily it needs to have five key prerequisites: highly skilled people, a great idea with a robust business model, sufficient capitalization and an inspiring and supportive community with established and fruitbearing partnerships.

The team of the HighTech Startbahn (HTSB), based in Dresden/Germany, has established efficient and effective support mechanisms for young innovators’ pain points and since 2012 supported more than 200 of them successfully.

With our trinity of research, network, and consulting services, our organization acts as a specialist in terms of fundraising for new business set-ups and their expansion. We accompany industry partners in innovation management and corporate venturing and help investors in their search of investment opportunities, as well as portfolio management and public sector clients in transfer and economic development projects.

To deliver fast access to urgently needed capital for promising high-tech ventures, to connect tech-ventures and innovators with strategic partners and the international investor’s scene and to create international visibility for European high-tech ecosystems, we established a format that is working: the HIGHTECH VENTURE DAYS (#HTVD). Within our mission to activate VC for innovative European companies, the HTVD program is manifesting its success every year. Since 2013, we present the 40 best Ventures to over 150 international investors every year. After the first four years (no updates from #HTVD17 yet) we could track 55 funding rounds with a volume of over 300 Mio Euro of participating companies and not less worth mentioning, 7 Exits!

“A perfect place and sweet spot to meet corporates and other investors with the same passion: high-tech startups. A nice selection of high-quality selected startups from Europe.” (Cottonwood Technology Fund)

My name is Eik Lämmerhirt and as a Senior Consultant within the HTSB team, my key responsibility is to structure the fundraising process with our ventures to find the right investor.

“As HighTech Startbahn, we are growing alongside with our entrepreneurs. Coming historically from the support of young companies looking for seed financing, we look back at success stories as the one of Paligo, where we secured a seed round with an angel investor from the region (who by the way never did an angel investment before). Therefore, it was for us about helping the startup to find the right investor and at the same time enabling the wannabe-investor to become a real angel. Next to shaping the business model of a startup and helping them gain market traction, this manifests our corporate identity.

Ambitious high-tech Startups looking for a seed or series-A round are still our core client base. Nevertheless, we are not limited to that. In 2017, we secured a two-digit million funding round. A family office from Hong Kong wasn’t able to attend the HTVD 2016 but was interested in our Scouting expertise to find 10 potential startups from our network fitting their investment scope. For an own venture forum, we organized for the Family Office in Dresden, a German based logistics startup was invited to pitch amongst others. Outcome: double-digit million funding for the startup to grow internationally & the owner of the Family Office as the godfather of the newborn baby of one of the startup founders. “

So, whats next? We start this year as a true pioneer: with the creation of a strategic European-wide partner network, implementing the annual HTVD Program across Europe. Over the next years, HTSB will, together with strong, established European organizations, develop a comprehensive and dedicated partnership program following its mission to ACTIVATE VENTURE CAPITAL FOR EUROPEAN INNOVATION and thereby help to promote the best preconditions for high-tech ventures in Europe.

Therefore, we invite you as angel investors to engage your portfolio companies to apply for this year’s edition of the HTVD, to get them in contact with us for our support mechanisms and for yourself, obviously, get your ticket for this year’s event.


For startups to apply for HTVD18: https://www.hightech-venture-days.com/for-startups/

For investors: https://www.hightech-venture-days.com/for-investors/

For support mechanisms: http://inkubator.hightech-startbahn.de/en/home/

Facebook: HighTechStarbahn.eu

Twitter: HTSB_eu