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GITEX Startup Movement

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
October 08, 2017
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GITEX Technology Week will launch and host GITEX STARTUP MOVEMENT, one of the most global startup gatherings in the world with over 30 countries represented, as it brings together entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, mentors and buyers for the first time in Dubai.

The GITEX STARTUP MOVEMENT will convene over 400 startups and more than 1,000 entrepreneurs, investors and mentors from the global startup ecosystem. The exclusive set-up will highlight the most innovative startups around the world and provide them a platform to sell, form partnerships and attract investors. Participants will also be able to pitch for prizes, attend an interactive conference to address challenges faced by entrepreneurs and meet leading industry figures. The initiative has already garnered tremendous interest and momentum from supporters across the globe including Business France, Cross Trade agency in Singapore, Digi Robotics in the UAE, Egypt’s Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), Japan’s Jetro agency, Marco Trade Export in Morocco, Star Systems agency in Iran and STC from KSA.

Amjad Shacker, Corporate Communication GM at STC, commented: “InspireU is an STC initiative to promote, support and develop digital startups and nurture and consolidate the startup ecosystem in the MENA region and create sustainable value. We believe that “to inspire is to empower” and we do that by providing the directions and tools to budding entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams. STC strongly supports the launch of the GITEX Startup Movement and is proud to co-present the top tier prize of the event to the best global startup.”

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Special offer for the event for EBAN members – contact info@eban.org for the information!

GITEX Startup Movement
October 8, 2017
October 12, 2017
June 27, 2017
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates