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EBAN Health Launch Webinar

March 21, 2019
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We are pleased to invite you to the launch webinar for EBAN Health – March 21st at 15:00 CET our newest community bringing together all EBAN members interested in investing in health startups and/or learning about market and investment related trends in this sector.

The first EBAN Health Webinar will serve to introduce the community, the activities it plans to offer and to discuss the barriers and opportunities when Investing in Health, with EBAN Health Committee members as speakers.

Early stage investment in health tech startups presents the business angel with unique challenges and advantages. For example, investing in medical devices requires a certain level of sector expertise, but it can bring significant returns and create positive social impact at the same time.

Barriers and Opportunities when Investing in Health

March 21st at 15:00 CET

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Christine Bjarkby

Christine Bjarkby is responsible for growth capital and business development within Connect Sverige. Christine has a broad experience from business development worldwide from large public global companies to small start-up companies. Christine has previously worked with investments as a representative of Invest Sweden, Entrepreneurship Network (Enterprise Network for Startup ICT) and Connect. Christine is and has been a board member of several startup companies and is herself a business angel. Christine joined the board of NordicBAN in autumn 2017.

Andreas Lindblom

Former CEO at Spring Securities, co-founder of Karolinska Center for Advanced Medical Simulation and Training, group manager at Sales & Service at Itivity, and physiotherapist at the Karolinska Institute. Andreas holds degrees in physics and physiotherapy. Andreas is currently CEO of  SCIETY.

Kevin Morningstar

Kevin Morningstar is s 35-year veteran of the medical device industry.  A Colorado serial entrepreneur for many years, he co-founded Silverglide Surgical Technologies, Inc., a Boulder surgical instruments startup successfully sold to Stryker in a planned exit.  He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University and currently consults globally in the medical device industry, digital health community, and startup ecosystem.  Kevin is an active angel investor and member of Rockies Venture Club, where he serves as Screening Committee Chair and as a general partner in Rockies Venture Fund I and Rockies Impact Fund.


March 21st at 15:00 CET

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EBAN Health Launch Webinar
March 21 @ 15:00
March 21 @ 16:00
March 19, 2019
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