ESADE BAN- A meeting point for investors and innovative, high-growth potential start-ups

ESADE BAN, the business angel network organized by ESADE Alumni, is a meeting point for investors and innovative, high-growth potential start-ups. The network is formed by 250 business angels and analyses more than 600 projects a year. Founded in 2009, the network has invested more than 28 million in 172 start-ups including, particularly, Wallapop, Signaturit, Wave, and RedPoints. In 2016, ESADE BAN received a prize for the Best European Business Angels Network.


Our members are private investors, managers, family offices and venture capital fund representative with financial capacity interested in investing in startups or projects at an early growth stage. Business angels provide investment individually or together with other members of the network or venture capital firms.
Each year the network hosts about 20 investment forums where entrepreneurs can get together, find out about projects, and foster and channel investment. The average amount invested per investor is 46.930 € and 193.959 € per project. The preferred investment model for ESADE BAN members is co-investment with other members of the network or with venture capital firms. Specifically, ESADE BAN handles investment rounds of between €100,000 and €500,000.

Fernando Zallo, ESADE BAN director

Every year, ESADE BAN organizes the Business Angels School in Barcelona. This program is aimed at private investors, executives, business owners, family offices, and entrepreneurs. The objective is to immerse participants in the world of business angels, covering everything from theory to practice.

Successful investments:

  • Wallapop: raised 90k from ESADE BAN investors (2015). Thanks to this, in 2016 the value of the company was 219M €.
  • Signaturit: in 2017, the startup raised 800k from ESADE BAN investors.
  • WuakiTV: received investments from ESADE BAN investors. In 2012, WuakiTV was sold to Rakuten.
  • RedPoints: in 2015, the company raised 300k from ESADE BAN. The startup now is raising 10M and recently RedPoints opened a new office in New York.

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