EBAN CEE Community Meetup Gives Rise to Milestone in CEE Regional Cooperation

On 9 May, Business Angels of Slovenia – the biggest club of angel investors in Slovenia – organized a meet-up for the EBAN CEE Community in Maribor, Slovenia, as a lead-up  to the 2017 PODIM Conference. PODIM is a leading conference on entrepreneurship, startups and innovation in the Alps-Adriatic region.

Around 50 people attended the event, including a number of prominent investors and entrepreneurs. 9 startups  were chosen to present their pitches at the CEE Demo Day: CloudStorm, Boomerang, MojMojster, Locodels, Reliefgoods, Roxxare, Tremitas, Vollo and Nanodiy. The event served to bring the represented CEE countries even closer and work toward developing entrepreneurship in the region, a goal strongly supported by EBAN.

In addition to being the date of the EBAN CEE Community Meet-up, the 9th of May was an extremely important milestone for the Central Eastern European regional cooperation. Representatives of the Slovenian and Hungarian BANs signed a letter of intent with the Slovenian company Datafy. Investors from Austria, Estonia, Germany and Hungary are expected to join the local angels to form a €250,000 round. This is a hugely important step towards creating an active investment vehicle in the CEE region.

Lead investor Niko Slavnic from the Slovenian BAN has done a terrific job by mentoring Datafy to be investment ready and organising the angel round.

This positive energy felt during the signing of such as important investment continued on PODIM conference where the press conference was held.

Datafy.it is not the only winner of that day – Business Angels of Slovenia announced the most investable startup Nanodiy (CRO) and the most watchable startup Daubai (SLO). The network expressed congratulations towards all of the startups and stated their belief that the Maribor event is only the beginning of a great cooperation story among business angels.

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