€5.1 billion market shows European angels on the rise!

Angel investment grew 19% in Europe in 2012

The European angel market recorded a consistent growth in 2012 breaking the 5 billion Euros barrier. The data, revealed by EBAN and collected through EBAN members and credible sources across Europe (eg. government agencies, BvD…), also shows an increased number of Business Angels (BA) and Business Angel Networks (BAN). This growth is mostly due to an increased activity in the 10-30 million investment range markets with a particular highlight to countries such as Finland (+42%), Ireland (+61%) and Turkey (+116%). On the more established markets we notice a significant increase of the activity in the UK (12%) and Spain (5%) while France angel investment falls 10%.

EBAN highlights the impact angel investment is having in the economy, with an estimated number of 17.881 jobs created from investments held through BANs (visible market) in 2012. From the data collected, it is evident that the more angels are attracted to the market, the more start-ups are supported revealing a market failure (capital supply), a challenge EBAN is committed to address by identifying and educating new generations of angel investors.

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