Creating the First Cross-Border Incubator within Italy and Greece -YESS



The Young entrepreneurship Startup School (YESS) is a project funded by Interreg Greece – Italy Programme (2014-2020) which aims at creating the first Cross-Border incubator within the Regions of Apulia, Achaia, Ionian Islands, and Epirus. The overall objective of the project is the promotion of the entrepreneurial spirit and the incubation of new companies, encouraging the economic development of the regions involved and the exchange of knowledge and competencies between partners and stakeholders.


An International Consortium in the Greece-Italy Cross-Border Area

A heterogeneous and complementary partner consortium has been created by involving a university specialized in technology and management, Politechnic University of Bari, a research Centre specialized in vocational and high professional training, Universus CSEI, an association of enterprises,  Chamber of Commerce of Bari, an NGO, representing citizens European Regional Framework for Cooperation, and a university specialized in business University of Ioannina.


The main expected results of YESS are the models and schemes for the incubation of the 4 targeted sectors (tourism, design, blue growth and e-health). YESS consortium will create a heterogeneous network with the aim of supporting and develop business capacities of emerging innovation with the need of establishing linkages within the innovation ecosystem.