Casbah Business Angels Guest Editorial

Casbah Business Angels (CBA) is a community of entrepreneurs and mentors who have become business angels to bring the final layer that every business venture needs. Individually, all members of CBA are very active in promoting entrepreneurship; they spend hours with the community of future entrepreneurs. But at CBA, the focus is on investment. Three to four times a year, startups are invited to present their project in need of funding. At the end of the day, every one of them goes with either a check or a clear explanation why it is not ready to be funded.

CBA has set the goal of supporting every startup with a viable business idea, and thus giving it the opportunity to compete at the highest level.

Yacine Rahmoun is the president and founding member of CBA. He is currently Chief Operating Officer at CBS- Xerox (Algerian data and document company).

He began his career at the Speech Technology Labs, Panasonic Inc., in Santa Barbara, CA where he performed research in speech recognition. In 1997, he joined WESCO, a data management company based in the Silicon Valley, as a project engineer; in 1982 IKON Office Solutions acquired WESCO and he continued as Engineering Manager. In 2007, Yacine held a National Production and Technology manager position at RICOH, the world leader in document management. RICOH enables customers worldwide to improve document workflow and increase efficiency.

Yacine is also the founder of CaptureDoc, a document management company, based in Algeria, USA and Morocco.

Yacine earned a M.S in Communication Systems Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne « Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne», Switzerland, a Postgraduate degree in Multimedia Communication Systems from the Eurecom Institute, Sophia Antipolis, France and Master’s Degree in Business Administration at UC Berkeley, California.

CBA is a young organization in a country where angel investing is almost non-existent. Entrepreneurs often see a bank as the only source of funding. As we work hard to add more angels to CBA, we also encourage others to start their own angel network. We believe that more entrepreneurs will see angel funding as a real alternative to the banks as more angel organizations will rise in the country.

Presently, two CBA members are conducting talks with three startups in need of funding (one in the agro-industry and two in web and mobile apps).  We are looking forward for a deal by the end of the year.

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