BiD Network Guest Editorial

BiD Network: Facilitating Investment for SMEs in East Africa

BiD Network is an investment advisory firm that prepares East African entrepreneurs for investment. In the past decade, we have facilitated 230 investments, totaling more than $34M. Within our large international network, angel investors take the largest share of our investments. We are the independent trusted partner for SMEs in Eastern Africa by facilitating tailored financial solutions’. By doing so, we aim to facilitate €100M of private investments in the coming five years.

Finding the right investment is crucial for the future of a business. However, it is very time consuming and can be difficult or even frustrating at times. Entrepreneurs are often left with many questions, such as “What is the best investment type or size for me and which investor fits best to my growth ambitions?” Even when they know exactly what kind of investment they need, finding the best suitable investor for their case poses a challenge. Simultaneously, the biggest problem for investors is finding high-quality deal flow of investment-ready companies. This is where BiD Network comes in! We built up a trusted relationship with both our entrepreneurs and our investors and make sure we provide the best fit, catered to specific needs and requirements on both ends.


Finding the right investor is crucial for the success of a business


Dual presence, with local offices

Besides our team in Amsterdam, we have our own local teams of investment specialists in East Africa. Our activities are primarily focused on investment readiness and investor deal making. We take the time to build a relationship with our entrepreneurs and understand their ambition and challenges. Next we jointly develop an Investment Package with the right set of documents. After having all this in place, we engage the best suitable investors with the entrepreneurs. We will not rest before the investment is signed, sealed and delivered.

Since the establishment of BiD Network in 2007 we have built up long-term relationships with more than 400 investors worldwide. We are known in the market for having strong ties with international business angels, but also VC/PE funds. We know their criteria and investment appetite. We have grown to be the reliable investment partner in East Africa, with deals ranging from 50k USD up to 2M+ USD.

Impact Investment Trips for angel investors

We organise annual Investor Trips to East Africa to connect, mostly angel investors, with our portfolio companies. Besides business visits, the week-long trip provides investors the opportunity to meet with stakeholders in the investment environment. Moreover, it enables them to share knowledge and possibly co-invest with other like-minded investors. The trips are highly appreciated by both investors and entrepreneurs and result on average in 2-3 investments. Our next trip to Uganda is scheduled between 18 – 23 November 2018 and registration is open until the first of October.

One of our deals: Safer and cleaner environment in Uganda

One of the entrepreneurs that received investment is Lydia Naiga from NLS Waste Services, a company that collects and disposes the hazardous medical waste from hospitals and health care clinics in Kampala. In Uganda, there was no special way to dispose hazardous medical waste. Health care facilities illegally dumped their (contagious) waste in swamps or buried their waste in on-site pits. The demand for Lydia’s waste collection services was higher than her capacity, which forced Lydia to turn down new business opportunities. BiD Network supported her to become investor ready and introduced her to four informal investors who saw the potential of her business. NLS signed an investment deal with the four informal investors. By closing this deal Lydia received the capital needed to purchase a new incinerator from UK and train her local staff. She could also finally sign a contract with the largest hospital in the country and expand to the underserved districts outside of Kampala. Creating a safer and cleaner environment.

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