Balkan Venture Forum Winner Receives Investment by Crane’s Davorin Stetner



An investment contract worth 20,000 euros was signed between Valinea Vinger – the founder of ULTIJACK start-up and Davorin Štetner – the President of the Croatian Business Angels Network (CRANE). ULTIJACK is a multipurpose jacket that contains a battery charger, input for headphones, multifunctional compartments and many other innovative details.

The project is currently in the preparation phase for a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and the prototype C, which is supposed to represent the final model of the jacket, is in the making. ULTIJACK is also the winner of the recent Balkan Venture Forum supported by CRANE and the most significant Croatian professional fashion event “Modni ormar” (Fashion closet). The project started in the Startup community in City of Rijeka a few months ago with one team member from the Faculty of Textile Technology and expanded to a bigger team of experts in marketing, economy and development with the goal of global activity.

It is Stetner’s second angel investment in under a year period raising his record to 100.000 Eur invested in two start-ups from 2014.

”Even though I’ve been familiar with the project ever since January when I was in the jury of the competition in Rijeka, I became interested in the investment after the recent Pacinno conference in Corfu when I saw that the ULTIJACK team is really dedicated and does not give up on their intents. Also, I have to commend the professionalism in communication where I was thrilled by the fact that I received a reply for almost every email or inquiry within an hour, no matter what time I sent it. This is the way to attract investments! There are many challenges still to come, and I am excited by the interest of the big VC funds that have contacted me regarding this project.” – said Davorin Štetner, ULTIJACK’s business angel.

”It is an extreme honour to be in a situation where somebody recognizes and wants to invest in your vision, when that person is only watching the project from the outside. That proves to us, in a way, that effort, work, will and discipline really do pay off no matter what you do in life. We are glad that it was recognized by Davorin Štetner because I think that, with his worldview, he fits ideally in the vision of ULTIJACK jacket. We are looking forward to cooperating with him and I believe that this is, without question, a good formula for success.” – concluded Valinea Vinger, founder of ULTIJACK start-up.