AI Startup Incubator Guest Editorial

About AI Startup Incubator

Established in Prague in 2017, AI Startup Incubator (AISI) is the only impact-focused AI incubator in Europe. Its goal is to offer responsible technological solutions to pressing societal problems by incubating promising, cutting-edge AI business projects. Attractive, globally scalable startups in healthcare, education, smart cities/ homes, agriculture, cyber security, energy, and finance are at the heart of the program. A unique holistic approach, including in-depth 3D mentoring and a highly specialized international network of mentors, partners, advisors, and investors, makes this incubator ideally positioned to become a driver of AI innovation in the CEE region and beyond.

Investor Info

AISI manages project scouting and selection, as well as incubation infrastructure and support to offer investors participation in new ventures primed for success. The investment goal is to raise committed investment funds of 10 million USD. The fundraising proceeds are intended to finance 1-year incubation of up to 25 startups over the period between commitment and May 2020. AI is a key driver of not only innovation and technological advancement, but also economic growth.  According to Venture Scanner, in 2017 over $14 B VC money was invested in AI, up from $4 B the previous year.

The Person Behind It All

Petr Šrámek, AISI’s co-founder, and managing director is a visionary, entrepreneur, mentor and artificial intelligence popularizer. Petr is also a co-founder of the Platform on Artificial Intelligence at the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic, a partner of the European Commission, a member of Peter Diamandis´s organization Abundance 360, Singularity University, and a member of Lifeboat Foundation.

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