EBAN is the pan-European representative for the early stage investor community, gathering over 111 member organizations from 39 countries. Our members are: Federations of Business Angel Networks; Business Angel Networks; Early Stage Venture Capital and Seed Funds; Electronic Funding Platforms and Business Angels; and other market stake holders.

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Albert Colomer - EBAN Executive CommitteeFrom 5 to over 60: Fundacion ESBAN accounts for the largest growth in Business Angel Network organizations in a country – Spain – over the last 8 years. And this has been achieved both through the promoting and lobbying of our organization as well as through the best practices and policy making initiatives nested in the EBAN meetings. EBAN has given wings to Spanish Fundación ESBAN in helping it to develop the angel investment ecosystem in Spain. Join EBAN to boost angel investing in your country!!Albert Colomer i Espinet, Founder, Fundación ESBAN, Spain
Riku Asikainen - FiBANFiBAN – Finnish Business Angels Network – has been active in EBAN from the very beginning of our angel activities. For us EBAN has been a great tool to activate our international relations and share business angel best practices. During EBAN events we have had an excellent change to strengthen both our own business angels training and policy advice functions. Join EBAN for best European knowledge of business angels activities!Riku Asikainen, Chairman of FiBAN (Finland)
Paulo Andrez - EBAN PresidentSharing experiences with others in terms of Fiscal Incentives and Co-Investment funds has been a very important step towards the implementation of very attractive programs for business angels in several countries. We have no doubt that EBAN is the ideal platform for Business Angels Networks and respective Federations at the European level.Paulo Andrez, President of EBAN
Aleksandar CabriloIn SBAN we decided to join EBAN because of possibilities for professional networking and ability to share knowledge and expertise with other members, to promote Serbia and South East Europe and to create cooperation channels with other European countries. In addition to this, being EBAN member brings more credibility to our organization in the country and surrounding region.Aleksandar Čabrilo, President and Co-Founder of SBAN, Serbia

”EBAN is the most important platform for the European business angel networks. Links Angel BAN and TBAA – Business Angels Association – Turkey benefited from the events and network of EBAN so much. l encourage every angel investor to follow the EBAN events closely. Especially the training programmes of EBAN are a must for all potential angel investors and BAN managers ”

Baybars Altuntas, President of Links Angel BAN, President of TBAA - Business Angels Association - Turkey
francisco banhaAs a business angel and the leader of a business angel network, I identify EBAN as the most appropriate entity to obtain and reinforce relational knowledge. EBAN, with the credibility of its governance and the sustainability of its principles, makes everyone benefit from the global business angel community, which is gathered around this indispensable organisation in Europe.Francisco Banha, Gesventure/ Business Angels Club
clarke-anthonyVia EBAN, we work more closely with other organisations across Europe who are working in the early stage investment market and participate in the growing movement to make angel investing a more recognisable and respected asset class in Europe.Anthony Clarke, London Business Angels, U.K.