2016 Angel Activity Monitor by Xcala

Xcala is a program run by IEEM, Business School of the University of Montevideo with the support of the IDB / MIF, which aims to contribute to the development of dynamic and innovative activity in the region, favoring a cultural change that supports the risk taking by entrepreneurs and investors, through the acceleration of the activity of networks of angel investors. In this way, it contributes to the creation of more sustainable enterprises, it increases the creation of jobs linked to dynamic sectors of the economy and encourages innovation in the region.

The objective of the Monitor is to conduct a systematic and continuous survey of investment activity through networks of angel investors in LAC, as well as to achieve a better understanding of the business model and sustainability of networks over time. The data collection is carried out through the answers given in the questionnaires completed by the organizations that participated in the Xcala program, as well as other identified networks that were invited to participate.

Read the 2016 Angel Activity Monitor by Xcala (Spanish version):